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Mathieu & Helene L.

“We were living in a home that needed a lot of work and we wanted to upgrade, but we didn’t feel comfortable putting our house on the market. Julia was willing to list it off- market and succeeded at selling our home for a record price in the area. We were a little bit nervous that things were moving so quickly, as we hadn’t yet found our new home. But she negotiated us a free 9-month leaseback so we didn’t have to worry. During that time, we wrote an offer with Julia on a fabulous new construction house in Sherman Oaks. She worked very diligently to make the process as smooth and convenient as it could be given our circumstances. We were so grateful that she always kept our best interest in mind, and got us a great deal that we doubt any other agent could have done. Having experienced both sides as buyers and sellers with Julia, we can attest that she is an all-around great agent.”

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