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Bel Air / Holmby Hills

Bel Air / Holmby Hills

When you arrive in Bel Air, you’ll know you’ve arrived. Immaculate mansions steal away behind soaring hedges and towering gates in this celebrity homestead. Surrounded by LA’s sloping chaparral, this Westside neighborhood boasts natural wonders alongside architectural splendors. Bel Air’s relative inaccessibility contributes to its private feel and ultra-exclusive atmosphere. Here, it’s much easier to explore by automobile. (Source Airbnb)

Together with Beverly Hills and Holmby Hills, Bel Air forms the Platinum Triangle of Los Angeles neighborhoods. Along with Beverly Hills and the Los Angeles community of Brentwood, it is one of the “Three Bs”, a wealthy area in the Los Angeles Westside. Multi-family housing is not permitted and ordinances regarding architectural styles and lot sizes help to preserve the area.

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