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Los Feliz

Los Feliz

Elegantly disheveled, Los Feliz mixes a meticulously curated image with an ultra-cool attitude. Idyllic homes rest in the shade of this north LA neighborhood’s hillside foliage while its observatory rises above the chaparral and offers otherworldly views of the sprawling city below. Spend your afternoon sipping free-trade coffee and snoozing on the grass at Griffith Park. Spend your evenings swirling craft cocktails and screening films at its historic theatre. Los Feliz leaves you happy.

The neighborhood has been home to movie stars, musicians, and the Hollywood elite. It boasts some of the best-known residential architecture in the city, including two homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and Richard Neutra. Mickey Mouse was born here, when Walt Disney drew his first image of the now-legendary character in the garage of his uncle’s house. Los Feliz Village is home or in proximity to numerous bars and restaurants catering to nightlife. They are mostly located on Hillhurst Avenue between Los Feliz Boulevard and Prospect Avenue, and on Vermont Avenue between Franklin Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard. Some were classic dive bars in their heyday, frequented by poets, artists, writers, and other creative types.

In many ways, Los Feliz is like a home away from home for East Coast transplants, except without the bone-chilling cold and sweltering heat. The neighborhood’s nicest homes nestle into the foliage north of Hollywood Boulevard. Perched above it all in Griffith Park, Griffith Observatory offers sweeping views of Downtown, Hollywood, and the horizon line that separates sea from sky.

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