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A celebrity haven. The pinnacle of Southern California peaceful waterfront living just a heartbeat away from the heart of coastal living in Los Angeles. As much an oasis as it is charming, family-friendly and luxurious, this iconic beach city is studded with as many waterfront mansions and 5-star restaurants as it is with mom-and-pop shops and unassuming fresh lobster restaurants. Surfrider Beach, Zuma Beach and Point Dume Beach are a few of the most popular beach destinations. Malibu Country Mart offers a sort of suburbian break from the sandy haired surfers and miles of crystal blue waters. Expect upscale boutiques, dining, art galleries and a convenient children’s playground for that unintended shopping spree. Nationally acclaimed Nobu Malibu and internationally acclaimed Soho Beach House are frequented by A-listers daily. Take a scenic drive down PCH and come with an adventurous attitude and big appetite.

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