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West LA

West LA

Cradled between the nook of Santa Monica and the crook of the 405 freeway, West Los Angeles’ unpretentious thoroughfares support independent movie theatres, retro-inspired diners, and second cups of coffee that serve students, families, and lifelong Angelenos. Condominiums and single-family homes equally share its sun-filled avenues. Their exteriors are as varied as West LA’s residents themselves. The sound of friendly competition is common in West LA’s playgrounds and park spaces. Basketball courts, skate parks, and sandboxes await imaginative minds in the neighborhood. The area’s myriad of restaurants keeps West LA busy during day and evening hours. From its bakeries to its chic bars and restaurants, the neighborhood flaunts a no-frills and simply-fun attitude. Close to all, this Westside neighborhood still offers value in home buying.

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