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The Future of Showings

The Future of Showings

Josh Altman’s Youtube Channel

In L.A. you encounter all types of media celebrities: actors, comedians, fashionistas and guess what! There’s a new type of influencer that’s gained prominence in the past couple years – the real estate influencer!!!

One famous Youtube real estate influencer is Enes Yilmazer, who’s luxury home tours bring his channel 15 million views a month. Josh Altman has gained over 6.4 million YouTube views through his creative and engaging videos. Out of these millions of views, perhaps the “right eyeballs” from around the world will encounter their dream property and decide to see it in person.

Research shows that virtual home tours save time and accelerate purchases. Both buyers and sellers are increasingly expecting a virtual tour, whether through interactive photos or Youtube videos, prior to conducting business.

Although Redfin says that 1 in 5 properties received offers prior to buyers seeing it in person, most people still want to tour the property guided by a knowledgeable real estate agent. With such a big purchase, people want certainty that the space they are choosing to live in is the right one. Buyers also want a conversation about the property, clarifying any questions they might have while seeing it in person.

In the end, the human connection people experience from in-person tours is as valuable as ever. But to get the right people in the door, agents are increasingly using virtual or video tours as marketing campaigns for their most prized properties!

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