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The Orange County Market

The Orange County Market

OC’s real estate market trends

With the highest median home price of all counties in Southern California, Orange County is a real estate investor and agent’s dream. Home to pristine beaches, rolling hills, world-class shopping, great education, mansions and more, Orange County is competing with places like Beverly Hills and West Hollywood!

A few L.A. real estate firms are expanding to the lucrative Orange County market. Netflix is premiering a new show “Selling the O.C.” which follows the Oppenheim Group’s deal making in the area.

The Altman Brothers are increasingly selling luxury homes in the OC after opening their office there two years ago. In a recent video, Josh spoke about the importance of being well-versed in the luxury market all throughout California. High-end buyers often own multiple properties in the region, and they want trusted access to the various LA-adjacent markets like Orange County.

In the past 12 months, home prices in Orange County are up 20%. Homes sell after just 24 days on the market, a decrease from 37 days last year. Inventory is at low levels and demand is high, making it a seller’s market. The most expensive home to sell last year was a $41 million mansion in Newport Coast.

Those living in L.A. are always eager to hop into their luxury sports cars for a jaunt down to Orange County. Grabbing a glass of wine on the shoreline at The Deck or Montage in Laguna Beach, they can’t help but wonder: maybe a slice of this paradise could be mine?

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