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The Walk of Style: Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA

The Rodeo Drive Walk Of Style in Beverly Hills, CA, is a world-famous destination for fashionistas and shoppers alike. It has been the home of some of the most lavish stores in existence since 1959 when developers decided that Rodeo Drive would be an ideal place to open up luxury shops. Rodeo Drive is also widely regarded as one of America’s most expensive shopping destinations, with some estimates suggesting that it generates over 1 billion dollars annually from its retail businesses alone. Beverly Hills, CA can be seen here.

Rodeo Drive is located within the Rodeo Collection on WEST Olympic Boulevard between Reeves and La Cienega Boulevards. Many people end up talking to a Beverly Hills real estate agent to buy a home around the area. This location provides a unique collection of shops with their style aesthetic represented by each shop’s owner or designer. Rodeo Drive was developed to be an elegant and luxurious shopping destination that epitomizes luxury and elegance for Beverly Hills residents at the time; it has achieved this goal through its high-end fashion boutiques such as Versace, Chanel, Dior, among others. Click here to read about Moreton Bay Fig Tree in Beverly Hills, CA: A Unique Place.

Drive dates back to when Charles H. Baldwin first coined “Ranch Rodeo.” First known as “Avenue of Fashion,” it was later changed to its current name, “Rodeo Drive.”, the Rodeo Land and Water Company purchased a large portion of Rodeo Drive to be used for building purposes. Today, Rodeo Dr has become one of the most famous shopping destinations, with over 400 designer shops located on this street alone!

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