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A Luxury Wellness Room

A Luxury Wellness Room

Wellness rooms are replacing home gyms as places to unwind and destress at home. The term “wellness” describes anything you do that nourishes you and shows self-care.

The pandemic made people want more of a personal sanctuary in their homes – a safe space where work and relaxation can be achieved. Homes have been remodeled to include larger offices in addition to wellness rooms like music rooms and libraries.

A wellness room is all about improving your physical and mental wellbeing. It needs to reflect the inner state you are trying to achieve when spending time in it. It could be a minimalist meditation room, soothing bath, or a lush garden. There are many designs you could incorporate to fit your personality.

Many people use them as “tech-free” spaces where no phones, computers, or tv’s are allowed. Instead, reading a book or writing down some notes is a way to re-center your energy in the analog world.

The space should be naturally lit and quiet. Each object should be placed intentionally. The goal is to reduce the amount of decisions required while in the space. In such a busy world, less decisions leads to increased peace of mind.

Whether wellness rooms will replace home gyms as places to achieve inner peace remains unclear. However, it is apparent that wellness rooms are increasingly being used by homeowners to balance their work-life habits and achieve inner peace.

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