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What to Expect at Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is Universal’s second theme park in the United States, and it opened its doors to guests on April 30th, 1964. This Universal Studio has been a popular destination for many celebrities over the years and offers a one-of-a-kind experience for those who visit. Universal Studios Hollywood has two main attractions: The Universal Globe Theatre (which features live stage shows) and Universal Studios Tour (which showcases iconic movie sets). There are also plenty of other things to do such as rides, eateries, shops, and more. Learn more here.

Universal Studios is an excellent place for kids and adults who love the movies! There are many special effects, rides that simulate fast driving cars, or roller coasters with stunts and excellent sets. Some highlights include The Simpsons Ride (where you feel like Homer), Transformers the Ride – where you get to fight Decepticons alongside Optimus Prime himself and don’t miss out on their newest attraction: Fast & Furious Supercharged, which takes guests through favorite moments from all seven films in IMAX high definition with moving seats! Universal Studios Hollywood is open daily, but the best times to go are on weekdays. Lines for their popular attractions can be long during weekends and holidays. Learn more about Beverly Hills: Civic Nature Park Coldwater Canyon.

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