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Pacific Palisades

Pacific Palisades

The Pacific Palisades is the ultimate family friendly coastal neighborhood with some of the best public schools in Southern California. Just east of Santa Monica and Malibu, PP is known for its’ cozy and quaint hometown feel. Once idyllic beach bungalows have given way to multi-million properties owned by the who’s whos of entertainment, financial and tech tycoons. Sophisticated buyers who prefer a relaxed hometown feel, discrete neighbors, spectacular hiking trails and great beach access are attracted to this understated affluent pocket of Los Angeles. A distinguished epicenter of the Palisades is “The Village”, recently developed by real estate magnate Rick Caruso, you’ll find a small center town area with the retail shops, restaurants, cafes and a beautiful movie theatre that Palisadians frequent. So, if you prefer privacy and anonymity or privacy but luxury, the Palisades is likely for you. And yes, that was Tom Hanks you saw ducking into that restaurant … but ssshh … remember, Palisadians keep your visits on the DL!

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