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A.I. Tools Reshaping the Future

The 2020’s will be the decade in which Artificial Intelligence tools proliferate. Here are 8 groundbreaking AI tools reshaping the future:

1. Resume Worded — Update your resume and LinkedIn profile
2. Runway — Text to image or video generation
3. Watermark Remover — Remove watermarks from photos
4. Reface AI — Change the face in pictures, gifs, or videos
5. Otter AI — Record meetings and take notes
6. Writesonic — Create blogs and articles in 15 seconds
7. Tribescaler — Get tweet and content ideas
8. CutoutPro — Make your own professional headshot

These tools promise and have been proven to save hours of work for designers, writers, programmers, and more. The productivity gains for individuals and society will be enormous.

Surprisingly, artificial intelligence is set to disrupt knowledge workers prior to more labor-intensive jobs like truck driving and housekeeping. In January 2023, ChatGPT passed medical, law, and business exams from top universities in the country.

A.I. tools are making us ask some philosophical questions. If a computer tool assists in writing a blog post (I promise I’m human right now) or an art piece, is that considered plagiarism? Should those who post attribute their “work” to the A.I. tool? What is the difference between hiring a ghostwriter and using an A.I. tool to write?

The spread and use of A.I. tools this decade will be both uncomfortable and liberating.

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