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Due to their unparalleled success, The Altman Brothers have become celebrities in the real estate industry. As stars of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, 13 seasons and more to come, they offer a unique platform for their most exclusive properties, not to mention highly entertaining content “selling the LA dream”. The show profiles the lives of LA’s hottest, young, aggressive real estate magnates as they make a fortune selling multi million dollar properties in the most exclusive neighborhoods in the world. Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing airs in over 250 countries year round and averages over 4 million viewers per episode.

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Met Gala 2022

The 2022 Met Gala took place last weekend with the theme of “In America: an Anthology of Fashion.” Kim Kardashian wore Marylin Monroe’s stunning JFK “Happy Birthday” dress. Elon Musk made meme-worthy faces in his dapper tuxedo alongside his mother, Maye Musk. The entrepreneur also had words to say about his Twitter acquisition, vowing to […]

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Cross Border Investment Rises

No More Travel Restrictions What does that mean for the California Real Estate market? As travel restrictions become a thing of the past, investors are again looking at international property opportunities! While some argue that we are witnessing the end of globalization, others have pointed out that cross-border capital is increasingly on the move. In […]

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The Future of Showings

In L.A. you encounter all types of media celebrities: actors, comedians, fashionistas and guess what! There’s a new type of influencer that’s gained prominence in the past couple years – the real estate influencer!!! One famous Youtube real estate influencer is Enes Yilmazer, who’s luxury home tours bring his channel 15 million views a month. […]

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The Orange County Market

OC’s real estate market trends With the highest median home price of all counties in Southern California, Orange County is a real estate investor and agent’s dream. Home to pristine beaches, rolling hills, world-class shopping, great education, mansions and more, Orange County is competing with places like Beverly Hills and West Hollywood! A few L.A. […]

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Love Me Tender – Musk Bids for Twitter

Elon Musk, a self-proclaimed alien and the richest business person in the world, recently launched a $43 billion bid to purchase Twitter at $54.20 (nice) a share! Claiming that Twitter is the town square for modern day global discourse, Elon seeks to bolster democratic values through limiting what some perceive as increased censorship on the […]

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Will Amazon achieve monopoly?

Jeff Bezos continues to grow his empire after recently closing Amazon’s $8.45 billion acquisition of MGM Studios. In the battle for people’s attention, Amazon has added 25,000 content hours of reinforcements, featuring classic and beloved sagas like James Bond and Rocky. Through acquiring well-known movie franchises, Amazon provides what movie industry professionals call “preawareness.” Preawareness […]

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Where are you staying during Coachella?

With the Coachella Music Fest returning in April, people have the opportunity to stay in style at celebrity homes in the area. Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley have long been a hideaway for LA’s rich and famous, who have invested in classic trophy properties in the area. Leonardo DiCaprio’s 1.3 acre secluded desert oasis […]

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Compton’s real estate on the rise

This year’s Oscars started off with Beyonce’s elegant performance of “Be Alive” from the Compton tennis courts where Venus and Serena Williams trained with their father when they were children. The song, featured in the movie “King Richard”, was nominated for Best Original Song, and brought an electric energy to the Oscars right from the […]

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2021: Record breaking year for real estate

Los Angeles real estate agents have had a record-setting 12 months as home buyers fiercely compete for their slice of the action. There are a few trends driving these buyers to bidding wars for top properties in LA. First is the covid pandemic’s shift in lifestyle choices. People are seeking large compounds with plenty of […]

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Welcome to Miami

When you combine low taxes, business friendly policies, a bustling cultural scene, and yacht-life, what do you get? The hottest real estate market in the U.S. – Miami on the rise! The housing market is so active that millionaire clients can’t find homes. In 2021, Miami’s median home price rose 20% year over year, while […]

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The Rich Get Richer

400 richest Americans added $4.5 trillion to their wealth in 2021 (a 40% rise!) The Covid-19 pandemic upended millions of lives, bringing economic uncertainty to many people throughout the world. But for the ultra-rich, it has been the roaring 20’s, as low interest rates, a rising stock market, and a crypto boom produced massive wealth […]

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Thinking of Purchasing Real Estate in the Metaverse?

No one to go to a concert with? Visit a digital concert like Justin Bieber’s. Wanting to get some retail therapy without paying the big bucks at department stores? Have a “Pretty Woman” moment shopping down Rodeo Drive, collecting clothes and other items for your avatars. Big fashion houses like Louis Vuitton have launched their […]

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Eyes On The Market Newsletter

January 6, 2021 Prop 19 Proposition 19 builds off the property tax system inaugurated more than four decades ago when Californians passed Proposition 13, which limits property taxes to 1% of a home’s taxable value, based on the year the house was purchased. The 1978 ballot measure also restricts how much that taxable value can […]

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