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Influencer Real Estate Titans

Influencer Real Estate Titans

There’s a new class of real estate titans making waves in Los Angeles. They’re young, tech-savvy, and fearless of the spotlight typically reserved for Hollywood celebrities.

Social media influencers are capitalizing on our increasingly digital lives, bringing us closer to the brands we love, and parking their cash into luxury properties once reserved for those late in their careers at prestigious institutions.

While some might deride influencers as simply attention-seeking dancers on the internet, I see them as an inspiring class of entrepreneurs who have learned to use the vast amount of free knowledge available online to create stories and businesses that help drive our economic engine.

At The Altman Brothers, we know the power of a platform. Reaching millions of people worldwide allows us to shine a spotlight that generates business in the luxury real estate market. The community built through the process creates strong relationships that are meaningful and priceless.

The global influencer market has doubled since 2019 and is now valued at 16.4 billion dollars. 93% of marketers have used influencer marketing, as consumers tend to prefer influencer-generated content over brand-produced content. It’s estimated that one billion people self-identify as “content creators.”

As a Beverly Hills realtor, I often cross paths with Millennial and Gen Z content entrepreneurs seeking to build generational, lasting wealth through the purchase of luxury real estate. Some of the most brilliant will profit for years and decades to come. The wisest will save and invest their guap now to secure a W and make the fam proud.

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